Entry #1

My Old Profile

2009-05-21 06:18:17 by Kenkeichii

News : To see my older sumissions and other stuff check out my old profile :
Question : Why do you have 2 accounts.
Answer : The answer is simple. when I signed up to Newgrounds I was unsure of a name, and so I named myself the protaganist of one of my upcomming movies, but this realy bothered me and I found a great alias that I was happy with, but found out that I couldnt change my newgrounds name, so, I just made a new account


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2009-10-01 20:35:40

are u going to continue dbz a different path

Kenkeichii responds:

Yeah, though I will be renaming it the "ADP" thing in my opinion wasnt working ^.^


2010-02-25 11:08:57


Faggg. :P